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Serving the Traffic Light Contractors for their certified inspection and welding requirements

As can be read from “Our History”, we have not always been implicated with the like of the street/traffic light and traffic signal contractor. At our inception, we were primarily involved in sales, design/drafting and engineering. From there, we implemented the quality control and management function as an integral part of our operating program. Later, we partnered with fabricating, transporting and installing various equipment in food processing and chemical facilities. Recognizing additional needs, then coupled with manipulating and placement of overhead signs and pole lighting systems, we amplified the operation by performing weld inspections, alterations and repairs.  

Spotlighting a few of our projects, along with the listing of some of our notable clients, our credentials and experience, reflects on the working relationships we have established over the years with the pole manufacturers, distributors, street/traffic lighting and traffic signal contractors.

Notable Profiles

Metro Link – Orange County [53 ground level intersections]
Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA)
Contractor(s): Union Metal Corp., Canton, OH., and JTB Supply Co., Inc., Orange, CA.
Subcontracted to alter seven (7) Signal Poles and six (6) Signal Arms.  Work included removal and replacement of base plates, partial removal of pole and arm shafts, reinstall luminaire arm connections to poles, and tenons to signal arms.

State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) District 7.
Santa Monica Viaduct – Phase 2 Rehabilitation, Bridge No. 53-1301/53-1462R
On Interstate - 10 Freeway between Interstate 110 and Interstate – 5/State Highway - 60 Interchanges, Los Angeles, CA.  
Contractor: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc., Bloomington, CA.
Subcontracted to field weld and retrofit new drain grates to, and modify, one hundred twenty (120) existing drainage inlet frames. Included construction of jigs/fixtures for welding of brackets, latches and anchor 'lugs'.  

Also, Cored re-bar and Access Opening re-bar repairs at 'Hinge Reconstruction/Repair'
Bridge No. 53-1301/1462R over crossings @ Lawrence Ave. and Elwood Street.
Under contract as Welding Quality Control Manager/Quality Control Inspection Firm.
Monitored contract field welding (by others), and coordinated accommodations for an independent testing laboratory/firm for non-destructive testing (radiographic examination on 25 percent of all complete joint penetration butt welds, and magnetic particle testing of all partially cored re-bar welds).

State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) District 7.
Bent, Bin Abutment and Earthquake Retrofit, Bridge Nos. 53-1131, 1130, 1220 and 1136.
Interstate – 5 Freeway over crossings at San Fernando Mission Blvd., Brand Blvd., Chatsworth Dr. and Fox St., Mission Hills, CA.
Contractor: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc., Bloomington, CA.
Under contract as Welding Quality Control Manager/Quality Control Inspection Firm.  This assignment required a survey and to monitor the shop welding, at Fontana, CA., of one hundred eleven (111) welded Pipe-Type Bridge joint restrainer assemblies.

County of Los Angeles, San Dimas, CA.
Frank G. Bonelli Regional County Park – Redevelopement Project.
Contractor: VT Electric Inc., Upland, CA.
Subcontracted to alter forty two (42) new park lighting poles by removing and replacing reconfigured base plates. This assignment included retrieval and transport of the poles for work to be done at our facility in Llano, CA. After completion of the work, and short term storage, the poles were delivered back to the project site.

City of Palmdale, CA.
Avenue 'S' Improvement/Development Project. 
Contractor: Taft Electric Company, Ventura, CA.
Subcontracted to alter five (5) Signal Poles, five (5) Signal Arms, fabricate two (2) pole base plate 'spool' adapter assemblies, plus miscellaneous weldments to aid the contractor in construction. Although the work on the units was performed at our facilities, we did the partial shaft removal of an erected pole, and performed intermittent field fillet welding on the coupling joints of a 6” conduit line for installation (by pulling) underground of the Metrolink/freight rail line.

Earlier Profiles

Chevron U.S.A., Bakersfield, CA.
Contractor: Chemex Corp., Bakersfield, CA.
Under contract for Engineering Application and Project Quality Control Manager to construct the power/process piping and structural support systems for thirty five (35) Skid Mounted Oil Well Testing/Separation Units.  This involved computations, sub assembly drawings, procurement, weld procedure and welder qualifications, and observing the fabricating, welding and assembly processes.

Kraft Foods Inc., Glenview, IL., the facility at Buena Park, CA.
Contractor: Royal Welding and Fabricating Inc., Cerritos, CA.
Under contract as Field Project Engineer for the demolition, renovation, construction/installation of the 'Marshmallow Cream' and Barbeque Sauce Complex.  This project called for the complete removal of the existing operation, and upgrade with new process equipment, process/sanitary tubing, utility service piping and access support structures.  All sanitary process tubing butt weld joints were performed using the autogenous welding technique, and following with the random visual inspection method by use of remote internal boriscope.

The Coca Cola Co. - Foods Division, Houston, TX., the facility at Anaheim, CA.
Contractor: Royal Welding and Fabricating Inc., Cerritos, CA.
Under contract as Field Project Engineer for the renovation and expansion of the Chilled Juice Operations, and
the installation of three (3) new 'Tetra-Pak' 'Included' Juice Process Systems.  These projects involved many facets including the installation of two (2) outside bulk process tank groups, as well as thousands of lineal feet of industrial service piping, and stainless steel product tube transfer lines.

Stauffer Chemical Company, Richmond, CA.
Contractor: Globe Fabricators Inc., El Monte, CA.
Under contract for Engineering and Project Quality Control Management to oversee and monitor fabrication
and construction of two (2) R-22 - 300 Gallon Triple/Vessel Reactor - Pump Housings.
The contract for this project specified multiple non destructive examination methods be conducted by an independent testing laboratory/firm. The most predominant NDT method used was radiography, which required joint participation in the radiographic film interpretations (i.e. the Testing Laboratory, Q.C. Management, a Third Party Inspection Group, and the Authorized Inspector with the State of California Division of Safety and Health).  

Notable Business Clients

Modern Period - Mid-1980s to Present

  • Allied Engineering & Fire Protection, Corona, CA
  • Ameron International, Tulsa, CA
  • City of Arcadia, CA
  • Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc., Bloomington, CA
  • California Dept. of Transportation, Fresno, CA
  • Comet Electric Inc., Canoga Park, CA
  • Competitive Edge Electric Inc., Highland, CA
  • Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., Sacramento, CA
  • City of Downey, CA
  • F.J. Johnson, Inc., Anaheim, CA
  • Generic Manufacturing Corp., Temecula, CA
  • High Light Electric Inc., Riverside, CA
  • Industry Urban Development Agency, City of Industry, CA
  • J.T.B. Supply Co., Inc., Orange, CA
  • Moody International, The Woodlands, TX
  • Pacific Lighting Sales Inc., Lake Forrest, CA
  • City of Palmdale, CA
  • Richard A. Heaps Electrical, Sacramento, CA
  • St. Francis Electric, San Leandro, CA
  • Taft Electric, Ventura, CA
  • TDS Engineering, Westlake Village, CA
  • Union Metal Corp., Canton, OH
  • City of Visalia, CA
  • VT Electric, Inc., Upland, CA
  • Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, CA
  • Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Brea, CA
  • and others

Formative Period - Mid-1960s to Mid-1980s

  •   Coca Cola Co. Foods Div., Houston, TX/Anaheim, CA
  •   Collier Carbon and Chemical Corp., Brea, CA
  •   Chemex Corp., Bakersfield, CA
  •   Globe Fabricators Inc., El Monte, CA
  •   Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., Pasadena, CA
  •   J.C. Schumacher Co., Oceanside, CA
  •   J.M. Covington Corp., Santa Fe Springs, CA
  •   Kraft Foods Co., Glenview, IL/Buena Park, CA
  •   Repco Engineering, Montebello, CA
  •   Royal Welding & Fabricating Inc., Cerritos, CA
  •   Stauffer Chemical Co., Richmond, CA
  •   and others​

Applicable Credentials

Lou Logan

  • A.W.S. - CWI
  • Certificate No 03040951 - Welding Inspector
  • A.S.N.T. - A.C.C.P.
  • Certificate No 140051 - Level II Examiner V.T.
  •   Science Degree - Quality Control Management Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA.

Other Applied Standards

  • ASME B31.1 & B31.3, API 1104, ASME Sections VIII & IX, AWS D1.4
  • State of CA DOT, Special Provisions 8-3

Professional References

  • Mr. Paul Irwin, Mgr. Quality Control, Union Metal Corp., Canton, OH
  • Mr. Micaiah Revero, Project Mgr., Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc., Bloomington, CA
  • Mr. Hassan Rezaei, P.E., Allied Engineering & Fire Protection, Corona, CA
  • Mr. Jeff York, President, JTB Supply Co., Inc., Orange, CA

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Logan - Q.C. & Engineering is the premier Street Lighting and Traffic Signal Contractor
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