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Serving Street Lighting Traffic Signal Contractors

​The History of Logan - Q.C. & Engineering

The Idea
That our customers call us first for welding alterations and repairs of their steel pole products, among other items, or to handle other related matters where we can be of assistance.

The Goal
To undertake every job assignment with the intent to exceed our customers' expectations by completing the work on or ahead of schedule and by always holding steadfast to a good work ethic.

The Posture of Quality
We are committed to provide our customers with prompt service of the highest quality standard. Quality Control objectives are gained by establishing, implementing, and maintaining a documented system that complies with AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code-Steel and State of California Standard Plans for Construction of Local Streets and Roads.

Our origins date back to the mid-1960s with Lou Logan and were grounded in sales, design, and engineering/drafting services.

In the early 1970s, the A.S.M.E. established a mandate for companies to implement a quality control program in order to obtain or renew a Certificate of Authorization to use a stamp with the applicable code symbol to manufacture particular pressure-related products.

Thus, quality control management became an integral function of our operation. We wrote quality control programs using a commercial-industrial adaptation formatted after the Mil-Q-9858A specification. Our clients experienced success with those programs at the completion of their A.S.M.E. National Board Surveys.

The Mil-Q-9858A specification was the early precursor to the current presence and widespread adoption of the ISO standards for quality-management systems.

Through the 1970s into the mid-1980s, we continued service to companies engaged in the manufacture and installation of pressure vessels and reactors, heat exchangers, various processing equipment, structural support, and access platform systems.

From the late 1980s into the late 1990s, we partnered and continued with the fabrication of process equipment coupled with transporting and installation by crane and machinery handling devices into food processing and chemical plants.

During this period, the handling and installation for the manufactureres of overhead signs and pole lighting systems, and the street/traffic light/traffic signal contractors, were already in progress. Also, our operations were increased by performing alterations and weld repairs on steel poles and related components.

From the late 1990s to the present, we have carried over efforts to expand the techniques, capabilities, and expertise in our work and servicing Central and Southern California. We assist our clients by solving unique problems involving welding of pole products on their projects.

Logan - Q.C. & Engineering is the premier Traffic Light Contractor
Logan - Q.C. & Engineering is the premier Street Lighting and Traffic Signal Contractor