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Original manufacturers of pole products and their distributors use us to serve the traffic signal contractors in matters concerning warranty and/or other essential change orders requiring welding alterations and repairs.

We accommodate general contractors and their subcontractors for work to be done at project job sites or at other locations they may so designate. Occasionally, circumstances occur when a client will elect to have an order of pole products shipped to our facilities in Llano, California for repairs and alterations. Also, temporary storage can be arranged for deliveries required to be made on a later date.

When working with traffic light contractors, we try to give special effort to customers that have liquidated damages looming, or when contractual penalties are in progress.

The objectives are to arrange an abbreviated time line with continual observance of a quality protocol for the work that is performed.

There are times when companies look upon us as their "extended" (i.e. contract) employee because we work with their key personnel, act as liaison to the Municipal and County agencies, State of California D.O.T. (Cal Trans), as well as third-party inspection groups.

An important feature of our operation is A.W.S. Certified Weld Inspection (A.W.S. - CWI), which we also offer as a separate service. This establishes and maintains a constant Q.C. Management presence that includes, among others, monitoring, procedure and report writing, and compliance certification(s).

All welding is performed by an A.W.S. Certified Welder (or Welders) who have demonstrated and/or possess a documented "period of effectiveness."

We use techniques that preserve the base metals and component configuration. Added benefits to this process are minimized "clean up" and surface discontinuities, improved weld joint and surface preparation, and avoiding excess exposure to adverse smoke, fumes, and vapors.
We serve the Street lighting contractors specializing in the alteration and weld repair of steel poles and related components.
 *Lighting Standard(s)*
 Poles and Luminaire Arms
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Traffic Signal Contractors
Traffic Light Contractors
*Signal and Lighting Standard(s)*
 Signal Poles, Signal Arms and Luminaire Arms
 Signal Arm Pole Connections
 Signal Arm Tenons Installed, Removed and Relocated
Other Weld Repair and Alteration Features:
 Partial Shaft Removal
 Luminaire Arm Connections Removed and Relocated
 Anchor Plate Welds Excavated, Repaired, and Re-contoured
 Anchor Plates Removed and Replaced
 and more

Servicing the Street Lighting Contractor

Logan - Q.C. & Engineering is the premier Street Lighting and Traffic Signal Contractor